We’ve been recording interviews with some of the bands and community leaders, about what music means to them, and talking about their relationship and history with Desert Feet.

We’ve edited them a little to cut out long pauses, etc. Transcripts are below the videos.

The feedback we get is consistent and clear. From the perspective of the people who matter most, our programs:

  • Help build community pride and spirit;
  • Strengthen language and culture – especially for kids and youth;
  • Build self esteem and a range of personal skills;
  • Enable self-expression;
  • Help overcome mental illness such as depression and suicide;
  • Divert people from drugs and alcohol;
  • Give people an activity to pursue in community, rather than head to town for drinking;
  • Provide a much-needed source of enjoyment for everyone who plays or listens;
  • Provide a vocation and source of employment for artists.
Clifton Girgirba from Wild Dingo Band talks about music for Martu
Margaret Samson - Jigalong Community Councillor
Elliott Gibbs - Wild Dingo Band talks about the influence of music on his life