Remote Aboriginal communities give people a place to live on their home country, close to the lands of their ancestors and elders. Language and culture are kept strong, and kids can grow up in safe communities surrounded by their families.

But Australia is vast, and these communities are so isolated, they often lack basic services. Music falls low on the list of priorities and in many communities there are no instruments in town, and little curriculum in schools. Yet music inspires individuals and communities to great things. It develops self-esteem, is strongly linked to mental and physical health and better educational, social and economic outcomes.

We aim to inspire kids, youth and adults to feel the good vibes that music brings – whether performing or listening. We provide the opportunity for people of all ages to take their music wherever they want to go.

Desert Feet Tour brings three core services out to remote and isolated communities. Years of experience have given us a model that is effective, efficient and fun. Our programs are fluid and adaptable to almost any scenario. Take a look at what we offer: