Recording sessions

Recording music means sharing stories. They might be personal stories that communicate feelings and remind us that we are not alone, or stories that talk to whole communities of people, binding them together and inspiring unity around common ideas.

In many of the communities we visit, there was no music recorded and shared in local languages, of local stories. People used to listen to imported music with imported ideas like American Hip-Hop, Country or Reggae.

So we work with local artists to record their music, in their languages, telling their stories. Now, when you drive through those communities, you hear local language singing out of houses and cars of young and old, kids know all the words and learn play these songs of their local musical role-models! Almost every song has a common thread – come back home, stay on country, learn from your elders, learn your language.

Artists wanting to record their own songs are given the opportunity by utilising our mobile studio set-up and the experience of our recording engineer/producer, and multi talented musicians on the Tour. The result is a fully produced song, EP or album. The artists receive a copy of the CD to hand out to friends and family, or we work through publishing agreements, and then can sell the music on the artists behalf through our record label Desert Feet Records. We upload the songs to our Soundcloud page where people can stream them to their heart’s content for free. And they do – the stats show an average of 180 plays every day!


Live Recording

We have performances from local bands during our concerts. All concerts are recorded live and then mixed and mastered. Copies of the CD are produced for the each of the artists to keep and distribute amongst family and friends. Selected songs are uploaded to our Soundcloud page for distribution on the Internet.

The recording below was the realisation of a dream come true for the Karntimarta Wanderers – their first ‘proper’ gig! Recorded and given back to them on CD. Since then, they have gone on to sell this album, and write and record much more music.