Live Concerts

Think back on the live music that you’ve experienced in your life – what did it do for you?

It’s not easy to bring full production events to some of the most remote communities in Australia. They might be beautiful places to live and strong in culture and language, but they are often at the end of long and hard roads which means live concerts and aaallll of the good vibes that they bring, simply don’t happen. Until the Desert Feet Truck rolls into town!

The result of a lot of hard work, planning and years of experience on the road – our custom-built truck/stage/studio was granted to us by Lotterywest, finally completed and fully fitted out in 2016. It boasts a 7m x 5m stage, 5000W of state-of-the-art KV2 sound system, fully programmable lighting rig and all the instruments you could ever need.

It has an integrated, quiet 9Kva genset and all the lights and sound are controlled with iPads over WiFi – so we can set up anywhere, anytime and run a full production concert with no cable runs needed!

We multi-track record every concert and (time permitting) mix down the songs that the bands play, so they can hear their concert back. Over the years we have recorded thousands of hours of original music in dozens of languages and across just about every genre of music imaginable!

You have to watch at least 30 seconds of the video below – it’ll give you an idea of what a Desert Feet concert looks like! All our concerts are alcohol and smoke free family events.