We’re a big, happy and growing family – won’t you join us? We have a couple of options, you can be a Friend, for an annual contribution and access to cheaper merch and events, or become more involved and join our Membership to help us steer this ship!

Be a Friend of Desert Feet!
$50 / year
Everybody needs friends, specially grassroots charities like us! But maybe you don't want to get involved in the running of the Association, just being a regular contributor is enough for you.
We'll send you special invitations to special events
Get a discount on our official merch (coming soon!)
Get the latest stories from the road
Membership Application
Apply for Membership here! Just to be clear - there is an annual Membership Fee ($100 or $25 concession), but it is free and easy to apply. Under our Rules of Association, all applications must be reviewed by the Management Committee, who meet at least every 3 months. You'll be notified of the status of your application and how to pay the annual Membership Fee.
Members have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting
Members can nominate for positions on the Management Committee
Members help us drive the Association that runs all of the amazing things we do!