We often need good people in paid crew or staffing capacities, or as volunteers.

There’ll be any number of ways you might be able to help us. Please enter your details in this form and we’ll be in touch when something comes up that fits your skill set. We regularly recruit new people for our Tours or Perth-based events – so you can expect to hear from us.

Or if you are really keen to get something happening now – get in touch via our Contact page.

Minky G, Emily Minchin, Ben Morey, Ewan Buckley and Richard Watson with the Desert Feet Troopy.

Membership Officer needed

Right now, we are looking to recruit a Membership Officer to our Management Committee. This role is responsible for communication with our Members, as well as growing the membership with the right people. It is an important job and getting someone keen in the seat will drive Desert Feet to great new things.

We meet quarterly and are a hands-on group who drive all aspects of the running of the Association. Are you interested? Phone or send us a message!

Sound engineer/producer needed

We have a backlog of terrific music that needs mixing and publishing to our Soundcloud site. You will earn A LOT of love from us, the musicians on the recordings, and their hundreds if not thousands of fans. It will be great experience and a great addition to your portfolio. If you get your teeth into it, enjoy it and do a good job – well, who do you think we’ll be calling on to come on the next Tour? Contact Ewan via our Contact page.