These amazing artists have offered you a House Concert!

  • Book a house concert with your choice of: Minky G, The Merindas, Charlie McGee, Ewan Buckley, Dave Robertson, Stu Harcourt, Helen Townsend.
  • Invite your favourite people, to your favourite place.
  • $20 per head, up to 50 people or so – whatever you are comfortable with.
  • You can borrow some PA speakers, etc from us if you need it.
  • Pay artists $100 costs and donate the the rest.
  • Check out the House Concert Brochure

Create a dinner party event

  • invite your friends
    cook em a feed
  • borrow our projector
  • show the Desert Feet promo video and chat about it
  • we’ll provide a playlist of fun, interesting YouTube vids!
  • we’ll provide a great playlist of music to listen to!
  • do a little research (we can help), chat about the issues
  • Sign em up to Desert Feet 🙂
  • suggest a donation fee ($20), donate easily on the night through our website

Here’s a few other Fundraising ideas