Why are we collecting funds?

Your donation delivers inspiring musical programs and equipment to people who would otherwise miss out on all of the life-affirming benefits that music brings.

Playing and listening to music is proven to improve so many aspects of our lives. For some people, it’s fun! For others it is the one thing that prevents them from doing something harmful to themselves or others.

But most remote Indigenous communities in Australia have very little access to music programs, and almost no music recorded and available in their own languages.

Yet it is known that kids with access to music programs do better across almost all metrics of social, emotional, and educational development, and physical and mental health. Music binds communities together, and strengthens local language and culture.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out the testimonials with community members here: www.desertfeet.com/testimonials

Donate now!

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Donation Total: $20.00

What do we do with it?

The big ones:

  • Basic one week of music workshops costs around $5000
  • Concerts and/or recording sessions, add another $10,000
  • Inspiring, fun and enduring music video is about $500

Some smaller amounts:

  • Re-string someone’s broken guitar – keep the music going! – $25
  • Buy a new pair of drumsticks – $10
  • A new electric guitar lead – $20
  • Print and post out posters to tell the community we are coming and generate excitement and participation – $100
  • Buy a pack of blank CDs to burn music we record – $25

If you live in Perth, Western Australia – we take donations of music gear to take out to people who will love it dearly!