The music we help develop needs to be heard loud and clear, far and wide.

So we record, release and publish selected music from quality artists who are serious about their music careers and we book them gigs at festivals. We think that Australia, and the world, need to hear cracking original, contemporary music that is sung in Aboriginal languages, and/or telling the stories that matter to Indigenous Australians.

The money you spend goes back to the music programs that record the albums, and of course to the bands themselves. They usually reinvest that money back into music gear to make a sustainable enterprise of it.

Apart from simply being great songs that you are going to want to listen to – this music can have major impacts, socially and politically. In 1991, a band named Yothu Yindi changed the Australian music landscape with their smash hit ‘Treaty’. Their album Tribal Voice blended traditional music and language with contemporary music styles and appealed to audiences around the world, bringing a spotlight on the issues it contained and giving the band members, notably Dr Yunupingu (1992 Australian of the Year), a platform to bring major change to the lives of Australians.

We think that the bands we work with have the potential to continue this extraordinary legacy. They want to use their music as a way to keep their language and culture strong, and to teach it to the world.

aka Olive Knight. Walmatjarri Gospel Blues. The sound of the American deep south, with the soul of 60,000 years of culture. Olive sings with the authority and conviction of a woman who has lived a truly extraordinary life.
Rock/Reggae. Mandilyjarra language. Super solid reggae beats, overlaid with lush vocals and shred guitar. On a mission to show the world Martu culture, and to show the pride of their people, through language and music.
Ska/Reggae. Pintupi language. Joyous, energetic, meaningful, spirited. Stories about the importance of staying on country, learning language, living culture.