This is Desert Feet

Bringing music to life in the heart of Australia

Desert Feet wants to see that individual and Indigenous community aspirations in remote Western Australia are achieved, through music.

Music has the power to inspire and empower people - individuals and whole communities. It is a central part of every culture, enabling self-expression and the communication of our shared humanity within and between different groups of people.

At the personal level it builds self awareness through the artistic process, self confidence and communication skills through performance. It fires up our brains - kids with plenty of music opportunity do better across almost all measures of health, social and educational outcomes. Communities who share music - live or recorded - are more united, positive and supportive places to live.

But remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia often have little or no access to musical opportunities and all of the benefits that come with good musical vibes. Geographic, social and economic isolation places great pressure on these communities, the custodians of the oldest living cultures and languages on Earth. People are very concerned that their languages and cultures are dying out, and with them, knowledge of the essence of humanity and survival through ages. Mental and physical health outcomes are often poorer, leading to unacceptable gaps in life expectancy and quality of life when compared with the broader Australian community.

People tell us that music is a key thing that is missing, and it might even be the thing to turn this around. So we travel to communities all over WA to bring musical inspiration and opportunity to people and communities who would otherwise miss out. [gallery size="medium" ids="365,483,389"]

What We Do
Live Concerts

We bring state-of-the-art concert production, quality musical instruments and skilled performers and crew into communities that have no access to inspiring live music. The stars of the concert are the local musicians, who we work with to develop their craft.

Recording Music

We produce and record music with talented and undiscovered artists across remote parts of WA. We've built a unique collection of contemporary Indigenous music that we strive to promote to the wider local and global community.

Music Workshops

We teach kids as young as six, how to write songs, play instruments and sing! Our workshops focus on inspiring kids and youth, giving them the seeds of music education and the exhilarating experience of performing in front of their friends and family.

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